Monday, November 21, 2011

Catch Up

Hi All,'s been a busy few weeks in my part of the world.
At the beginning of November, my family and I packed up and took off for a sunny vacation in Disney World! We had an awesome time, but it's definitely not a relaxing vacation. Between running from ride to ride, character dinners, and swimming, I'm still tuckered.  But it was worth it. I think the kids are still smiling and have memories that will last a lifetime.

Just before we left, I found out that my New Voices entry was selected to receive a critique by the Mills and Boon staff. Colour me excited! I wish I could have been here when it posted (mine was in the last group of critiques--you can read it here.), but I was internet-less while cuddling up with Mickey. It was exciting none-the-less to read the critique when I got home. They had some wonderful things to say about my writing (yay!) and provided some helpful tips for improving my entry (which I completely agree with).  It was just the boost to my writing ego that I needed.

So now that the end of November is fast approaching, I have my daughter's birthday party to plan, Christmas plans to make, baking to do, the regular day job, and writing to fit in. Does anyone know where I can get a couple more hours in the day?

Any tips on fitting writing into an already overflowing schedule?