Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I've decided that I need a kick in the butt. That's all there is to it. So I signed up for an online course called "Write That Book" through the Yosemite Romance Writers. It's a work at your own pace course, so it should work fine with my other commitments. And the most important will force me to write!

I'm very excited about what the new year will bring. The only thing I can control in this crazy business is my writing, and I plan to write the best damn book that I can. I will finish this thing in 2010! You heard it here.

Feel free to remind me in a few months ;)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Time Outs

Last night, my mother took the kiddies so DH and I could have a much needed night out. I can't even begin to describe what a difference it made to have a night out as adults to talk, joke, eat non-kid friendly food. I love motherhood, but every once in a while us mothers (and fathers) need some time to recharge our batteries and remember that aside from being mommies and daddies, we're also people. People that have needs as well.

It reminded me of the writing process. In the past 2 months I haven't felt like all. But little by little, I'm getting my mojo back--that little voice inside my head that used to tell me that I could do this is becoming vocal once again. And I'm ready to listen. Finally.

Maybe every once in a while we need to step back from this crazy ride that is the pursuit of publication to remember that there is more to life. Only then can we realize that we would miss it if it wasn't in our lives driving us slowly insane.

Am I out in left field on this one? Does any one else feel the same way? Have you had to take a break from writing to rediscover your love?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Chaos

The Christmas season is upon us and that means shopping, wrapping, baking...all past times that I love (okay, maybe not the wrapping). But what about writing?

With an unexpected vacation day today, I really should have plunked myself in front of my keyboard but instead I did the much needed running around that's been haunting me. And I feel terribly guilty. In the past, a day off work with no kids would have meant seven or eight uninterrupted hours of writing. But I just didn't have it in me today. Am I a slug, or what?

On the upside, in my travels I did pick up Brenda Harlen's newest SSE. Hopefully that will get me in the mood to start writing again.

Would it be wrong to ask Santa to tuck some motivation in my stocking this year?