Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How much snow???

The forecast was calling for 50 cm. For all the Americans out there...that's about 20 inches! I'm not sure how much snow actually fell, but it was A LOT! So much that we had a snow day today. Yay! I know I'll pay for it later in the week, but it was worth it to stay home with my girls.

The best part of a snow day? Playing in the snow. Here is a photo of my oldest before she started diving into the drifts at the side of our drive way. To give it a little perspective, she's about 40 inches tall. And the other is a photo of the drifts outside our side door. I tried to shovel a little path for the dog (a Shih Tzu -- poor guy has incredibly short legs), but it just kept filling in.
Here's hoping the roads are clear tomorrow since I don't think I'll be able to squeeze another day off out of this storm. But I could try...

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lainey bancroft said...

Wow, Marcy, you had some serious drifting too!
Cute pics. I love tobogganing. My kids are too 'cool' now. They like the speed of a snowmobile better. And as far as they were concerned, the snow day was an excuse to sleep until noon. Teenagers!

Hope you're settling in to a routine now that you're back to work. I remember how difficult it was to get two little ones out the door day after day. I feel for ya!