Monday, July 23, 2007

My baby has landed!

I received a letter from Harlequin M&B today telling me that my partial arrived safely and would be reviewed "in due course." So very British--I love it!

I'm beyond relieved that I don't have to wonder if it got lost in the mail somewhere. I guess the only issue now will be if it gets lost in the slush pile.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that that doesn't happen.


Mel said...

Fingers crossed for you.

Melissa aka lovingu

Marcy said...

Thanks, Melissa. Are you waiting on anything?

Ray-Anne said...

Hi Marcy
I thought I had better introduce myself - I am the Ray-Anne who has been shortlisted with you by Trish Wylie for her contest. Like you, I have been submitting to HMB Richmond and the Romance line. Two rejections so far, but some excellent positive feeback which has encouraged me to keep on writing and submitting.
Hope to see both our names in print very soon!
LOL Ray-Anne