Friday, March 07, 2008


I had some very sad news yesterday. The man who taught me my first Romance Writing course, the man who got me excited about the genre and made me feel as if I really could make it in the industry, passed away yesterday.

His name was Tom Torrance, and he was a wonderful teacher. At 57 years old, he taught many writing classes at my local college: Romance, Writing for Publication, Grammar for Writing, Writing Children's Stories...and the list goes on. He was so knowledgeable and a wonderful man personally as well. He was always the first to cheer you on when you submitted somewhere and to encourage you to try again if you received a R.

His death is a tremendous loss.
I'll miss him.


Judy Jarvie said...

What an inspirational man. Thinking of you.

lainey bancroft said...

Definitely a loss, Marcy. I took two courses with Tom, a great learning experience, a great experience all round.

In that life's funny kind of way, I started my WRP novel Settling Back in Tom's class, I was waiting for the print run (June) so I could take a copy to Tom. I so wish I'd at least had the chance to tell him I found a home for 'Billy & Angel'. I know he would have cheered with me. :(

Marcy said...

I know what you mean. He gave so much to so many people, I'd love to have had a chance to show him that I'd actually gotten published. When I do, I definitely plan to mention him in the credits.

I know Brenda Harlen, who writes for SSE, also took his class and mentions him in every interview she does and also dedicated her first book to him. I'm sure he really enjoyed it.

Not sure when the service is yet (possibly Monday?), but the obit will be in today's Standard.