Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Dance!

No, it's not a sale, but the closest I've ever gotten!
Yesterday I got a very thin letter from Woman's World magazine in response to a short romantic story I sent them in March. Assuming it was a rejection, I opened it up with a heavy heart. Imagine my surprise when I saw the words "happy to take another look at it..."!

She was requesting a small change and then suggested she would look at it again! That's a revision request, right? Right?

So off I go to make the small change while cutting back a few words to accommodate the change. I just hope I don't screw it up. Keep your fingers crossed for me...


Judy Jarvie said...

Crossed and confident. Congrats Marcy!

lainey bancroft said...

Go Marcy! Crackin' Woman's World beats the hell out of any ebook short sale $$$-wise!

Marcy said...

Thanks, Jude and Lainey!

I'm trying not to get too excited since the editor said she wasn't making any promises. Others in the WW yahoo group have said that it takes as long to hear back on a revision as it does on the first sub. So I could be in for a 3-5 month wait.

It would be nice to sell and get some $$, but quite honestly I would be more excited just to get published, to get some acknowledgement that I might actually be on the right track here instead of stumbling around in the dark, which is how I usually feel.