Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New blahs

To add to my previous blahs, I got an R on the short story revision that I sent to Woman's World back in July. I was really hoping this would be the one. But at least I've got another story with them. All hope is not lost.

Thanks for the great suggestions on getting rid of my writing blahs. I especially love the day dreaming one, Jude. An excuse to escape into my own head for a while with no expectations...sounds divine!

On the upswing, a cute Halloween story that I wrote and my daughter did the illustrations for won 1st place at the Fall Fair at my daughter's school. I'd feel a lot better if I hadn't beaten out a bunch of 6th graders, LOL.

*Sigh* Has it come down to this?


Cat Schield said...

Hugs on the R from Woman's World. Shoot it off to someone else. A friend of mine got a "no thanks" from a magazine on an article he wrote. I told him to try someone else. He shot the same article off and sold it. Just sold a 2nd article to the same people.

Best of luck!!

As for blahs, try something completely new. Write something 180 degrees different from what you normally write. A murder mystery. A story set in the 1800's. You never know what will spark your muse.

Judy Jarvie said...

Aw Marcy mega big hugs. I think we're both in a writing black tunnel at the moment - shall we close the bunker door and just eat chocolate!?

Don't forget that sometimes the mag just doesn't have room/fully story subscribed. Believe me I know how much a knock back after a positive HURTS. But I know you have that fighting spirit and you will go on to greater heights. Just call me psychic! jx

Jennifer Shirk said...

Sorry about the R. It's a tough market. I have a story with them too, but I don't have high hopes for it.