Friday, August 14, 2009

Yup...still here

It's been a while. I knew this would happen. As soon as I went back to work after vacation, writing took a back seat again. *sigh* Other than a half hour here and there, I haven't had any solid writing time for 3 weeks. And frsutration is setting in once again.

It doesn't help that it's summer and here in Southern Ontario we're finally getting some seasonal weather. The last thing I want to do is keep the kids inside on a gorgeous sunny day so that I can write. But summer is fleeting in this part of the country, so we need to embrace it with both hands (restraints may also be required). Fall will be here before we know it, and with Fall comes... SCHOOL!

My youngest will be starting school this year. *deep sigh* My Baby. Hope I don't break into tears when they play the National Anthem on the first day like I did with DD1 (and it had nothing to do with national pride). I just can't believe how quickly she's growing up. Every mother says that, I know. But there's a reason for's true! The only upside is that with DD2 in JK, I will have 1/2 day once a week for writing time. I guess that's what happens. As they grow up, I'll get more time for me. As good as that sounds, not sure I like the trade off of losing those baby years. But I don't have much choice in the matter, do I?


Judy Jarvie said...

Oh my, if they played the national anthem here I'd be in bits too! It's so hard when they get bigger because although you want them to, it's like too much too soon. From your baby to big girl.
I also think that it's hard enough but when it's your last/littlest it's extra hard!
Hugs, hugs, hugs.
Get the notepad out Marcy. It's time to counter-attack the time gremlins with a notepad on every home surface.

Becca J. Heath said...

I can't imagine how I'll feel when Cherub gets to kindy (she's 7 months... i have a while...).
Try to think of the writing time and not miss the baby cuddles too much!

Marcy said...

Must focus on the writing time that I'll gain...if not I'll end up in tears. They're growing so quickly, too quickly. I keep telling them to knock it off, but they aren't listening :)

Enjoy the baby time Jude and Becca!