Friday, January 29, 2010

Knock on Wood

Have you ever, in a moment of weakness, wished for a non life-threatening injury that would knock you off your feet, just for a little while, so you could have some time to yourself to write?

Take it from me...DON'T!

I verbalized that very wish to a colleague at work the other day, only half-kidding. That same night I had a gall bladder attack--a first for me. Wow, was it painful. And after some research I found that the most effective cure for gall stones...have them surgically removed. I'll have to go to the doctor to determine if that is required, but the thought of that scares the stuffing out of me, even if it would net me some quiet time.

Was someone listening up above and decided to either a) grant me my wish or b) show me that wishing for injury is a very bad thing? Who knows. But one thing is for sure...I'll never forget to knock wood after such a statement again.


Judy Jarvie said...

Oooh hugs Marcy
I know, saying things sometimes feels like tempting fate and then you want to seal your mouth up with super glue! Poor you. Take good care.
Judy x
P.S. I think there's some gremlin in the air at the minute.

Becca J. Heath said...

Oh the agony! Been there and sending you big hugs and stuff. Hoping you don't need it out (you don't want to know what happened in my op). Eat lots of veges and no delicious fat and you're less likely to have an attack.
Take care.
Knock on that wood!

Marcy said...

Thanks, ladies. My mom and sister also suffer from gall stones, so I guess it must be due to genetics...because my eating habits definitely don't warrant it. I would have enjoyed myself a little more if I'd known I was going to get gall stones anyway, LOL. Fingers crossed it was a fluke.

Becca, I think you're right...probably not a good idea to hear operation horror stories. I tend to panic about those things. If I do end up having the op, we can compare notes after .