Thursday, July 08, 2010


The Editor pitch went very well (must have been all your good wishes). Ms Scheibling was easy to chat with, and I actually felt more at ease during the chat than I did during the hour leading up to it, LOL.

The end result? She said that the premise sounds like a good fit for the line and asked to see the partial! Yippee!

I want to give it another look and polish before sending it off. But not tonight. Tonight, I celebrate...with wine.


Rachael Johns said...

Wohoo - HUGE congrats! Have been away but lovely to come back to such awesome news!!

Marcy said...

Thanks, Rachel! I'm pretty pumped. Of course once the waiting starts I'll probably be a wreck, LOL.

Suzanne Jones said...

Great news. Congratulations.


Caroline said...

Excellent news! You must be chuffed - I know I would be! Caroline x

Marcy said...

Thanks Suzanne and Caroline! I am so excited. Now to push all my other obligations aside and make this a priority. It has to be the best 3 chapters EVER!