Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm Baaa-ck

I just returned from 5 days of fun and sun staying in a cottage on the shores of Lake Erie. Here's a view of the lovely beach. The kids had a blast jumping in the waves, and I had a blast watching them (I may have jumped a few waves myself...not a mental picture you want, LOL).

But now that we're all relaxed and feel like we actually got to enjoy the Summer, it's back to the grind on Monday :( And that means not only the day job but also charging on with doing some extra polishing on the rest of my ms so it shines...just in case the lovely Editor asks for it (I'm trying to be optimistic).

Hope you're all enjoying the last that Summer has to offer.


Judy Jarvie said...

Lovely beach. Glad you had a great time and jumped in those waves too. Fingers crossed, get polishing. jx

Marcy said...

I'm on it! Thanks, Jude.

Danielle Marie Peck said...

Lovely picture, Marcy, thanks for sharing. And thanks for the great comment on my blog. I'm enjoying the studying and I'm glad I picked a good study guide :)