Thursday, June 28, 2007


I gave in.
I sent my first 3 chapters to my sister. So far she's read the first chapter, and you know what...she loved it! And I truly think she's being genuine. As an added bonus, she actually found the funny parts funny! Yay! When I'm writing something that I think is humourous, I never know if other people will think so too. Looks like I succeeded!

I'll be writing my query letter today and will be submitting early next week.
I can't wait!!!


Sri Pammi said...

You have been tagged!!! Rules on my blog!!!

Sri Pammi said...

Hey Marcy,

I'm still trying to find my niche.
I finished my first WIP which is geared towards the Harlequin Romance line, I still have to revise it a lot before sending it in. My current WIP is probably towards the Harlequin Presents or SD, I think.

Mel said...

Good luck.

Marcy said...

Thanks, Mel. I'm very excited. It's been a LONG time coming.

Judy Jarvie said...

Good luck with it Marcy! Bowl them over with it! jx

Natalie Anderson said...

Good for you Marcy!! How exciting!!!