Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The worm is growing...

No, this is not a reference to an erotic romance (ha, ha).

Take a look at the right side panel...see my new word meter? And it's got words in it! I'm making progress!

This is the story for the Instant Seduction contest, but isn't the one I originally started with. Given how long I'll end up spending with the story, I figured I better love it. I didn't, so I moved on.

This new story is based on a short story that I wrote for a contest and loved. It's coming along nicely, but I better put my butt in gear. The contest deadline is Feb 14.

Eek! Only two weeks?
Gotta go...


India said...

Go Marcy!

I think that if you're loving the story that's a fantastic sign, and if you can write it quickly and submit while it still feels fresh and vibrant so much the better.

Very best of luck!

India x

India said...

And I think the title is FAB!

Marcy said...

Thanks, India. I hope I'm on the right track with it. But I refuse to analyse it to death like I did last time. I'm going to write the story I want to write and take it from there.

Glad you like the title!


Jennifer Shirk said...

Way to go on that "worm"!

I need to find myself a new word meter... Nothing gets you more motivated than to see that thing move along. :)

Judy Jarvie said...

Go Marcy - yey on the progress!