Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'm getting anxious to spend some real, uninterrupted time on my writing. Okay, I manage to grab an hour here, twenty minutes there, but it's just not cutting it. I spend as much time reviewing where I left off as I do writing. It's frustrating, to say the least.

But for right now, it's what I've got, so I've got to make do. Anyone have any ideas as to how to make the most of sport writing spurts? Do you have a system that works?


Judy Jarvie said...

Hugs Marcy! It isn't easy and soooo frustrating.

Have you tried forcing yourself not to review or giving yourself a one edit limit? I must admit I write and then do a single review/polish myself. But I do try to crack on after that polish and work it that way. When I'm really pushed I just use the paper and pen mode so at least I'm going forwards rather than stalling.

Hugs-you will get there. Again, your time comes first! This CP can always wait. jx

Marcy said...

No worries, Jude. The CP role isn't what's holding me back. I love reading your work!

You're bang on with going forward rather than backward. I was doing really well with that last year, but somewhere along the way I gave myself permission to go back and edit as I wrote. Bad writer! I need to charge on, regardless of what I feel may be missing. I can add it later. Thanks for the reminder!

Judy Jarvie said...

I was thinking your quandary over and something else sparked. A couple of years ago I did nanowrimo. I'm not sure it was the way for me (mammoth writing goal every day) BUT it did prove to me that if I force myself I can do 1000 words daily to stick to it. I'm not suggesting you nano as time is limited. But ever thought of putting a 2-5k goal on yourself over a week or two? Then try and plan time in to achieving it.
In summary nano makes you forget editing and simply move on. So maybe a goal that you force yourself on might catapult you forward. And the edit phase HAS to wait.
If it helps I now know I basically do a semi rewrite after the first yukky draft. But a draft is a draft is progress! Some of it goes in the recyle but some of it stays and then gets put right later.
Just a thought

Marcy said...

You're right, Jude. I need to give myself goals that will force me to press forward. Just visited a FB wall where Holly Jacobs (Harl American Romance) was giving writing advice. She said that she writes everyday, no matter how long it is for. I need to do that--need to force myself.

I'll give it a shot.