Sunday, September 19, 2010

Learnings from NV

Phase one of the New Voices competition is almost up (deadline to enter is Sept 22) and it's been a learning experience for me. Here are the pearls of wisdom I've gained:
  1. There are some FABULOUS writers out there! Can't wait to see how this contest shakes out.
  2. Writing is a tough business and as soon as you put your writing out there for others to read, there are bound to be people who don't like it...and there's nothing you can do about it. *GASP* Guess it's time to develop that thick skin required if I want to make it as a writer.
  3. Not everyone acts professionally when it comes to commenting and critiquing other people's work. But that's the minority.
  4. The romance writing community is full of some wonderfully supportive women, and I count myself lucky to be a part of it.

There you have 2 cents. What have you learned in the contest so far?


Jennifer Shirk said...

I think it'll be interesting to see the results of the contest too!

I haven't had a chance to read a lot of them yet. Good luck!!

Marcy said...

Thanks, Jennifer. After reading many of the wonderful entries, I'm not holding my breath. But it's been fun just the same.