Thursday, October 07, 2010

Shakin' Things Up

As part of my new strategy to shake things up, I've decided to polish up and submit a children's story I've been sitting on for far too long. I wrote it about seven years ago when I went back to work after my first mat leave. It was a pretty rough draft (I've learned lots about writing in general since then), but the bones of the story were there.

So, over the past week I've polished that little gem and it's almost ready to submit. I know that breaking into the children's market is pretty tough, but the story isn't do me any good sitting in my PC. What do I have to lose by subbing?

So, wish me luck. I'm venturing into a whole new world of rejections, LOL. Wonder if children's publishers at least give you a gold star for effort?


Bec said...

Oooooh good luck! that is exciting!
I've been dabbling in a YA story. it's nice to play with something different sometimes!!

Rachael Johns said...

Good fabulous luck! I'm hoping you get much MORE than a gold star. Keep us posted :)

Marcy said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Rachel and Becca. This story is near and dear to my heart (written during a phase of working mother guilt) and I really hope to find a home for it.

The YA genre is really hot right now, Becca. Good luck with your story!

Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats Marcy! You could be the next Rowling ;) Keep us posted!