Friday, December 17, 2010

When in doubt, read!

Well, I might not be doing any writing, but I'm doing a WHOLE lot of reading. I just finished a Jude Devereaux titled Return to Summer House. I didn't think I would like it because it wasn't the type of story I typically go for, but at my sister's urging I kept reading. And I LOVED it. It had a bit of time travel back to the 1800's and I bought it hook, line and sinker. Guess that's the mark of a good make you believe the unbelievable.

To fill the inevitable void brought on by finishing a book I picked up a Janet Chapman that has some past life story lines, and I'm so excited to start it. I'm hoping this will ignite some spark of inspiration in the story I've had brewing.

Either way, it can't hurt.


Judy Jarvie said...

Oh Marcy I love Jude Devereaux. Impossible to put down. I loved the Summer House. Now I will have to find Return. Fabby and v glad you enjoyed.

Reading is a great replenisher, I also find switching off from writing via knitting a good way or refilling the well. I need time away sometimes.jx

Marcy said...

I just picked up Summerhouse for my sister for Christmas (hope she's not reading this). I'm hopeful she'll pass it along when she's done *g*.

Hope things start thawing for you guys soon.


Lacey Devlin said...

The BEST thing about being a writer is that reading is also research so you can do it guilt free!!! :)