Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Oh Kitchen, how I miss you...

Never thought those words would EVER flow from my finger tips, and get there they are. We've been without a kitchen for approximately 3 weeks in preparation for the installation of a brand new shiny one, and I really miss it. I even missing washing dishes in a real sink (instead of in my laundry tub)! Crazy, I know. But the wait is almost up. The cabinets are being installed today and tomorrow, and the counters will go in in about a week. Yippee! I keep telling myself that once the kitchen is done, I'll start writing again. I know its a procrastination technique, but I really do want to get focused again. I just can't do it in the middle of this chaos. But in a few weeks, I'll have no more excuses.


Rachel Neil said...

oh, I can't wait until your kitchen is back up and running. Are you going to cook some fabulous meals? Are you going to post pictures of your new kitchen?

Abbey said...

Normal chores are welcome after they've been over-complicated for too long :) Hope you love your new kitchen!