Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

As a writer of romance, you'd think I'd feel at least a twinge of excitement around this holiday, but really, Valentines Day doesn't do it for me. I'd rather my husband show me that he loves me in little ways every day (which he does VERY well, BTW) rather than in a big way once a year. So I let him off the hook, assured him I didn't want him to spend any money or do anything special (which he verified many times, LOL). So today will be focused on the kids--eating a heart shaped cake decorated by my oldest, spreading all of their Valentines across the living room floor to get a look at them, and gorging our selves on their heart shaped candies. Yum!

What about you? Any big Valentines Day plans?


Wendy S Marcus said...

I did a blog post on this exact same thing on my mommy blog

As a romance author people expect me to be so romantic...and I guess I am, in some instances. But random acts of love and appreciation mean more to me than saving it up for one special day and gifting because a date on a calendar says you should!

Dee said...

No big plans, for today anyway. My husband works nights and since I work days, we plan to celebrate this weekend. Lucky him, he'll get breakfast in bed and a killer massage... (I meant that in a good way). I'll get dinner out and a movie, 'Safe House'. I heard it was good. Happy Valentines Day!

amymarie said...

Hi Marcy, thanks for visiting my blog! I’d love to cheer you on, if you’ll do the same for me! And thanks for putting me on your blog-roll!

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