Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I found out today that I didn't place in the Where the Magic Begins contest. Normally I don't get so upset about contests, but I was really hoping to final in this one. The final judge is the editor for the line I am targetting and it would be so great to get my ms in front of her. I guess now I'll have to settle for sending it in through the slush pile like everyone else :-(

On the positive side, I did get some useful comments from the contest judges. There were some trends in the comments (and some obscure comments too), which makes me realize that there are definitely some areas that I need to work on. Better to hear about it now than in a rejection letter later.


lainey bancroft said...

Awe, {{Marcy}}
I hopped right over here from eharl Swriters because Gail from Canada announced she'd finaled and I was sure we'd be cracking the cyber-bubbly for you too!

Love your upbeat attitude though. Suck everything you can out of those comments and just think how strong the final product you submit will be!

I know exactly what you mean about obscure input too. In the last contest I didn't make the cut for, the judge who gave me the highest mark (97/100) actually made some of the snippier comments?????

Marcy said...

Thanks, Lainey. I saw Gail Fuller as a finalist and I wondered if that was Gail from Canada. I'll have to go over and congratulate her.

I was pretty depressed last night, but after hearing that both Ally Blake and Barbara Hannay had books that didn't even place in contests but went on to sell made me feel a lot better. I'm determined to finish this book (first draft) in November.

Hope all is well.

Elle Fredrix said...

Hey Marcy

Ally made a good point. The best way to get your MS in front of an Editor is to submit!

Having said that, you need to be ready to take that step. So just take things at YOUR pace.

Also, remember that any kind of feedback is a step in the right direction. There is someone on eH boards that submitted for 10 YEARS before she got anything other than a form R.

Take that feedback and run with it! (Please put the scissors down first, though!)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Marcy,

First off, hugs for not finalling, hon. Shoot! I was sure those judges got our memo. Seriously though, contests are great if you final (which doesn't happen often for me because I don't enter a lot of them) but finalling in a contest is not going to get you published. Hey, if Ally Blake and Barbara Hannay had books that didn't final, then you know subbing is the way to go.

BTW, I think my finalling was a fluke. Truly! :) Two of the judges really liked the entry and one, well, suffice it to say, she really didn't (and that's putting it mildly). LOL!

Send in your story when it's ready. A great big ditto to what Elle said - 'The best way to get your MS in front of an Editor is to submit!'

And when you do, I hope the editor loves it.
Gail from Canada, aka Gail Fuller :)