Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Hate Colds!

Like so many households right now, our house has been overtaken by a yucky cold. My youngest was the first to get it (so sad when they feel yucky and can't even blow their nose), then I got a sore throat and my oldest got the stuffy nose. So far DH is the only one who isn't sick (knock on wood). Hopefully he's able to stay germ-free since someone has to take care of us.

I wish I had some energy to get writing, but I just don't.

This sucks!

But check out this game for a bit of distraction.


Elle Fredrix said...

Hi Marcy!

Your blog is back. I've been trying to log on since yesterday, and nothing's been here except your green background. I left a message for you on eH, because I don't have your email address anymore.

Hope you and your family are feeling better--I say as I sneeze!


Marcy said...

Thanks for the heads up, Elle. I didn't know there was a problem with my blog since I could still see it. Hmm. Strange.

Hope you don't have the same crappy cold that my family has had. It sucks.