Saturday, November 18, 2006

Almost Done!

My scene for the Ultimate Reunion contest is almost done! Yay! I was surprised at how difficult I found it to write a complete scene in only 1000 words. In a novel you've got at least 10 chapters to tell your story, but to give enough of a plot so that the reader is interested and can follow it all in 1000 words...that's tough. The one good thing is that it teaches you to make every word count. No flowery descriptions here. It's down to business.

I just hope that the judges like it as much as I do. I love the characters so much I could see this scene as the first in my next story. But I've resisted the urge to go any further. I still need to focus on my current wip. It's almost done. Not much more. I can do it.

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lainey bancroft said...

WTG Marcy!
It is difficult to come up with something cohesive in such a limited number of words. That's why I always try and participate in these contests, as well as the Writing Round Robins. I tend to be very wordy, and this is excellent practice to show me how many of those words I can do without!

Good Luck!