Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Me and Modern Extra?

I recently had some very good advice from a very reliable source that my voice may be better suited for the Modern Extra line than for the Romance line. The only thing missing from my current ms? S-e-x! Well, maybe not the only thing, but the most prevalent thing. So what does this mean? Simply, I won't be submitting any time soon.

As disappointed as I am by this, I definitely don't want to waste the one chance I get to submit this ms to Harlequin by submitting to the wrong line. I want to do it right. So that means going back over my ms, tweaking the hero's conflict to better reflect the line and adding in some juicy sex scenes. I don't have a problem with the last piece. I was actually a little upset that I wasn't able to include any sex scenes when subbing to the Romance line. They're so much fun to write...

...and even more fun to research!


Judy Jarvie said...

Marcy - welcome, I've been a ModX wannabe for some time now! lol So far I've had one full rejected for the line and another full still there under consideration. I bet you'll be great as a Mod Xer! Also I've a truckload of books if you want me to send a taste... jx

Marcy said...

Hey Judie,
Trish Wylie has been really great about helping me understand what the Modx line is all about, which is great since I can't get my hands on any of the books here (grrr).

That's very generous of you to offer to send me some books. I'd love to read some of the more recent ones. I could send you a money order for shipping. Just let me know how much.