Sunday, May 27, 2007

Someone was on my side today

Totally unrelated to writing, but today we had my daughter's birthday party, and miracle of didn't rain. The forecast had been calling for rain all week, but it never materialized! Hallelujah! We were able to keep all ten kids (and all their mess) outside for the entire party. Everyone had a great time playing Ariel themed games and playing on the slide and swing set. All in all, very successful.

Now before I pass out from exhaustion, I've posted some pics of the Ariel cake I made (I'm quite proud of myself).


Natalie Anderson said...

The cake looks fantastic Marcy! Well done you! Mine was a supermarket special (plain round sponge) - covered in yellow icing with yellow smiley face candles (for the 'yellow' theme) - nothing on that masterpiece!
Hope the work on the mss is going ok and you're not stressing too much on where you fit. Don't forget the eds acquire across the lines and may be able to help...

Marcy said...

It was no masterpiece, but the kids seemed to like it. Personally I think they would have been just as happy if I'd given them a bag of gummy fish, but oh well.

Thanks for the advice on my ms. I think I get too stressed out about doing something wrong. All I can do is do my best and send that sucker in. I'm making some revisions based on comments from Trish, and then I'm going to submit--for sure!

Judy Jarvie said...

That cake is utterly brilliant Marcy! So glad to see it.

Wow an ace writer and a fantastic cake baker to boot - I can feel a heroine who makes cakes coming along in the future. Icing has such potential for 'interesting scenes'.

The fish are inspired too. jx